Our Specialist Services

Specialist dental services

We believe our patients should be treated all under one roof and within our care. At Castle Street we not only carryout general dentistry to a very high standard, but we also provide the highest level of specialist dental service for the more complex treatments for our patients.

The following specialist dental care services are provided within Castle Street Dental Practice. We will advise, refer and organise the appointments, if you require these advance services.


Our specialist Richard carries out full diagnosis, prevention and treatment of simple to severe forms of periodontal disease. He has a particular knowledge of the interaction of gum disease with the rest of the mouth , and how to improve it.

At your initial consultation with Dr. Snoad, he will carefully examine your gums and teeth, talk to you in-depth about your current situation, periodontal disease and the latest treatment options available. He will then advise on long term care as well as initial treatment. Controlling gum disease may help you avoid heart disease or a stroke.